when people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read the line of a poem twice.  I treasure taking part in preserving + protecting your fondest memories. Pictures are my most prized possessions because of the stories they tell, + I want my work to reflect just how important your stories are. Everyone has a story - let me tell yours.


I'm Savannah. I am SO glad you're here! Thanks so much for taking the time to explore my work. Based in North Carolina, I am a photographer, co founder of bisous weddings, a nanny to two sweet littles, and an assistant for bespoken. I love my sweet Southern family, cute babies, my kitten (Scout), road trips, music festivals, fresh flowers, and handwritten notes. I'm not the biggest fan of people talking in movie theaters or pulling up to Chick Fil A on a Sunday (the WORST!). I'd pick the mountains over the beach any day, Eat Pray Love is a must read, I binge watch crime shows like it's my job, and I believe what is done in love is done well.


I'm passionate about leading a session that leaves you with photos or videos you can treasure forever, striving to cater to every request. In Spring 2018 I began work for Bespoken Weddings based in South Carolina. It is my job to help the Bespoken team in bringing a couple's vision to life. Through this season it became so apparent to me how important it is to serve your community and foster meaningful, purposeful relationships. I apply the same work ethic to my own business; because I have behind the scenes experience with weddings and working with couples, I'm confident that I can be the one to tell such an important chapter of your story!


In May 2018, I lost one of my sweetest friends Polly in an accident. To celebrate her life and her love for serving others, I donated session proceeds throughout the month of May to Special Olympics North Carolina, an organization near and dear to her. After the month ended, I didn't want to stop recognizing organizations that make a powerful impact. On the 1st, I select a charity that will receive a portion of session proceeds for the entirety of that month. You can feel confident when booking a session that you will receive photos you love while supporting a local cause.

 Photo by Mikayla Christiansen 

Photo by Mikayla Christiansen 


This all started during a family trip to London. I was 15. With frizzy hair, braces, and absolutely no sense of style, I moved through the city with an old video camera, recording the whole time. My parents didn't take me seriously (ouch, Mom!) When we got back, I locked myself in my room for days to edit. A year later, I began to take courses in high school catered towards editing and production. My love for videos soon turned into fascination with photography, and I started taking pictures of friends for fun. 

Now I'm always the one with camera in hand, documenting every family gathering and recording every second of every road trip. Over the course of almost 8 years, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with many organizations from the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America to the UNC Chapel Hill Geography Department. Since 2017 I have expanded to serve couples, seniors, and families.