Behind the Lens | My 22nd Birthday!

Hi friends! I'm so excited to share today's post with you - it is FINALLY my birthday! To celebrate turning 22, below are 22 things I've learned in life so far with some pictures of my favorite memories as a 21 year old.

1. What is done in love is done well.

2. Chipotle > Moe's. 

3. Give more grace than you want to.

4. There's no such thing as giving too many hugs.

5. Bad days are always made better when you call mom.

6. Dry shampoo saves lives.

7. Put your phone down.

8. When someone says you hurt them, you don't get to decide whether or not that's true.

9. Say you're sorry.

10. Babies don't keep. Snuggle them lots.

11. There is a seat for everyone at the table.


12. Everything has a season, a time, and a purpose.

13. Sisters truly were put on this planet to be your best friends. I have mine.


14. It is impossible to not cry when watching a wedding video.

15. Little gifts go a long way. 

16. Comparison is the thief of joy. 

17. Empowered women empower women.

18. Learn to accept the apologies you never got.


19. If you have to think about it, it's probably too white to wear to a wedding.

20. Say a prayer even when you don't feel like it.

21. There is no such thing as too much Dr. Pepper.

22. Try your best.

When I'm 22, I will...

  • launch a wedding blog with my best friend April, BISOUS
  • travel to Puerto Rico for the first time (!!!) to work on a huge surprise
  • drink way more Dr. Pepper than I'm supposed to
  • ...and spend too many nights binge watching Netflix 
  • soak up time with my huge, sweet, Southern family
  • invest more into my photography
  • be more intentional in my relationships with others
  • give back every month. I think Polly would've liked to hear about that.

Jasper Bryn | A Birth Story | North Carolina Birth Photographer

When you have two friends like Tess and Tanner, every day really does just get better. I thought their wedding day was the best, but boy, was I wrong. There is nothing like standing next to your best friend when she says forever to the love of her life, but there is truly nothing like watching that same best friend hold her first child. Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is.

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Behind the Lens | Meet Mackinzie!

As we prep to head into Abby and Caleb's wedding weekend (!!!), I'm feeling incredibly thankful to have my best friend Mackinzie by my side as a second shooter! Upon booking with Abby and Caleb, I reached out to Mackinzie and asked if she'd be willing to come along for the ride. SO blessed to be able to cross such a big "to do" off my bucket list alongside her! Especially since she's been a huge part of my life since I was 15. And now you get to meet her :)





New Zealand





Pink Panther


No rain, no flowers


Sam Smith, Lizzo, Justin Timberlake



Chewing with your mouth open and when things don't have a place (untidiness)


Grey's Anatomy, Jane the Virgin


The Nightingale


Creating tangible memories

 Mackinzie and I in New York, 2016

Mackinzie and I in New York, 2016


1. Her heart for adventure | This girl is ALWAYS ready to go somewhere with me! I can't tell you how many times I've driven through the night with her, music blaring, brainstorming about our future weddings and houses

2. Her love to serve | Mackinzie is one of the most helpful people I know, willing to give someone a hand no matter what. 

3. Her creativity | Step into her room and you'll wish you had Mackinzie to design your whole life. The tiny twinkly lights, the incredible pictures from her travels....just ugh. 

4. The friendship that never changes | We've basically been in a long distance friendship since we went off to college in 2014, but no matter what I know I can always call or text her and everything is the same as it was when we spent days on end with each other in Chapel Hill or planning road trips. As I grow up, I've come to realize that the amount of friends you have isn't important, but the quality of the friends you do have is something to pay attention to. This girly is going to be my BFF for forever and a day! Can't wait to see all of our Pinterest boards and daydreams come to life :) 

I can't WAIT to share photos from Abby and Caleb's wedding day! Be sure to follow along over on Instagram and pay attention to my stories for some behind the scenes! xo

Behind the Lens | Spring

I thought it would be fun to start a new kinda personal series where I take the time to review a couple of months. In an effort to get to know you better and be your friend (please), I want you to know as much about me as you possibly can before I take your pictures! These are by no means edited to perfection or precisely posed but these are little squares pulled from my personal Instagram account that sum up this spring semester - aka my last semester of college EVER.


Right now this season is rounding out to be a looooot slower than how it started, in a good way. I don't have to study anything? Or do homework? Or pull any all nighters in the library? MIND. BLOWN. After graduating I went right into a full time job. While I'm closing out my time as an intern for a wedding planner (ugh NO I don't want to GO), I'm nannying to the sweeeeetest sweetest little nugget you'd ever meet (hence my daily reads switching from textbooks to infant sleep manuals) and really trying to invest in this photography. Thank you thank you for being patient with me and supporting me as I work to grow!

Row 1 | My sweet kitten Scout on his first snow day, my best friend Katie, winter wonderland

Row 2 | Girl's night at church, modeling for The Authentic Woman (grab your copy!), spring break at a music festival

Row 3 | Spring break at a music festival, a weekend in Florida, and do gummy bears taste different depending on the color??!

Row 4 | A weekend in Florida, my first wedding of my intern season (!!!), graduation pictures (sooo weird being in front of the camera instead of behind)

Row 5 | Celebrating my friend Courtney, celebrating LDOC with Jodie, Saturday night in the city with April

Row 6 | Celebrating my graduation at Top Golf with my best friends, impulse decision to see Kenny Chesney, and my WHOLE ENTIRE HEART IN ONE PHOTO: my family.

Summer Goals

To be completed by my next journal entry

  • Read one book per week (and I'll update those titles here as I go, in case you're interested)
  • Choose and complete a new devotional from She Reads Truth
  • Complete my Portraits for Polly goal (raise $500) (read more here) 
  • Find a house to live in (!!!)
  • Visit Nashville, TN to see my family
  • Exercise at LEAST 2-3 times per week
  • Book at least 3 weddings for 2019 year

Do you have summer goals? Let's talk about them! Comment what you're hoping to accomplish this season.

Riley | UNC Charlotte Class of 2018

Hands down Riley is one of the most graceful people you'll ever meet. You can even tell from these pictures how sweet she is - and STUNNING. We had such a good time running around Charlotte's campus taking pictures for her May graduation. If you saw my post on Instagram, you know that while I was editing, I texted pictures to Riley and admitted I couldn't even begin to choose a favorite. You see why, though?!

Hannah | Downtown Senior Session

I've been working on this blog post for quite some time now. Why? Call me crazy or weird, but I really have to fight back the urge to put 100+ pictures in this blog post. You're about to see why ;) A couple of things I want to tell you before you scroll:

  • I've known Hannah since she was in elementary school, so it was extra special to be asked to take her pictures before she graduated from HIGH SCHOOL. Cue happy tears.
  • Hannah's mom is one of THE funniest people I've ever met. She came along with Hannah and I, and I couldn't have asked for a better person to accompany a session. She was organized, excited, creative, and all together I think we made magic happen! So thank you, Amy, for putting everything together for Hannah and making me feel confident as a photographer. What an incomparable feeling as I'm working to get my photography up on it's feet!
  • These were taken in my hometown - Hillsborough, NC. Hillsborough is a quaint but quickly booming town situated right before you get to Chapel Hill. It's known for it's Last Friday festivals during the summer, it's crazy cool restaurants (my favorite is Hillsborough BBQ, FYI), and it's sweet little boutiques and shops where you can find one of a kind gifts and trinkets. I reaaaaally needed to take that trip back home, so taking these pictures of Hannah was such a breath of fresh air!


............told you that you'd be obsessed. :)


Congrats, Hannah! Never ever ever forget that you are brave, strong, capable, and able to withstand any storm that comes your way. You are beautiful inside and out and I know you're about to change the world. This will be THE only time I'll ever say this, too: .....GO PACK!