Morgan | North Carolina Farmhouse Maternity


I first met Morgan on Instagram (lol). We had mutual friends and lived in the same hometown but never knew each other. She kept popping up on my explore page, so eventually I didn’t care if it was creepy and followed her. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I DMed her on Instagram asking if she’d let me use my camera to tell part of her family’s story. What a freaking incredible story, too. One full of grace and heartbreak and patience and anger and joy. I drove out to her farmhouse as the sun was going to sleep, sat across from her on her couch, and talked like we were old friends.

Morgan and her husband Kam fought fertility for more than 5 years. A little before I visited for the first time, they lost their baby Sage. We met in the month that would have been her due date. If you know me, you know I want to be a mama more than anything on this planet, so her story hurt me, kept me up at night, and front-lined all of my prayers. Here were two people desperate to make their dream come true without any answers or reasons why when nothing went as planned. Here were two people facing obstacles everyday that so many are lucky to miss: questions lacking in self awareness, dismissive suggestions of "when you stop trying it'll happen", leaving doctor appointments just as confused as they were going in.

On January 12, 2018, I was scrolling through the same Instagram feed where Morgan and I became friends to find a PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT. A couple of weeks ago, I drove the same back roads out to Morgan and Kam. She opened her farmhouse door with a BABY BUMP, + she is due ANY DAY NOW. I couldn’t help but get teary as I watched the farmhouse slip out of my view as I drove back home. Really honored to have photographed this mama in a place she built + loves.


"Student, sales associate, supervisor, manager, army wife, civilian wife, entrepreneur, sewist, dog mama, infertile mama, angel mama, rainbow mama, best friend, greenhouse tender, hydrographic surveyor, renovator; I’ve filled many different roles just since high school. Most of them were totally unexpected. The only one I never liked the sound of was housewife. I’m not a dang housewife. Sure I do the laundry and cook a few meals and spend a ton of time sewing, but I’m just as happy to wear a tool belt and some carhartts over a dress and apron. Homemaker. That’s more like it. I do what I need to do to make our house feel like home and it’s been one of my most satisfying and rewarding roles yet. This is what I want to be for my little family and it just feels so right."