The following contract outlines expectations and responsibilities of both you (the client), and me (the photographer). Please read each section carefully and complete the form below. Completing and submitting the form below represents contract agreement. A paper copy will be provided upon request.


SAVANNAH WARD will supply me with the following:

  1. SAVANNAH WARD as my wedding photographer/videography on my date, providing me with unlimited photography/videography, subject to external variables beyond their control (e.g., weather, location/venue restrictions, light availability, scheduling complications due to lateness/willingness of individuals).

  2. Editing and delivery of high resolution digital files, within 30 days of the wedding day, via online gallery and video within 6 weeks of the wedding day.


I agree to pay a complete package amount SAVANNAH WARD for their professional services. I understand that 1/3 of the balance represents a retainer fee that gives me exclusivity to their services on my date. The remaining amount for photography services is due exactly one week before the wedding day. 


I agree to notify SAVANNAH WARD by phone or email at my earliest convenience should a change of date and/or venue occur. In situations where the new venue requires substantial travel,  I agree to pay for reasonable logistical expenses. Furthermore, I understand that SAVANNAH WARD may be unavailable on an alternate date. In such circumstances, I agree to liaise with SAVANNAH WARD to find a mutually agreeable solution. I accept that I may forfeit some/all of monies paid.


Should the event be cancelled, I agree to notify SAVANNAH WARD at my earliest convenience. In certain but not all situations, SAVANNAH WARD many return any and/or all monies paid at SAVANNAH WARD’s discretion. Should the event be cancelled within 4 weeks/1 month of the wedding day, I understand that SAVANNAH WARD may keep any monies paid as a result of declining other paid assignments. In the unlikely event that SAVANNAH WARD cancels on me, all monies paid will be fully refunded to my nominated bank account within three (3) business days, accompanied with a list of recommended substitutes.


I give permission to SAVANNAH WARD to use images or videos from my wedding in the private domain (i.e., as samples of work during in person consultations, sample albums, for instructional purposes, etc.) SAVANNAH WARD will require my written consent before publishing any images from my wedding in public domain (e.g., website, blogs, bridal magazines, social media). At any time, I may request SAVANNAH WARD to take down any images from my wedding that had previously been allowed to be displayed in public and/or private domain.


I am going to provide SAVANNAH WARD and contractors (1, if attending) a dinner meal. I will do my best to request that the meal will be served at the same time as my guests to ensure as much photo coverage as possible. If I am unable to provide a meal, notification will be given in order to give SAVANNAH WARD and her contractors ample time to prepare. I understand that SAVANNAH WARD (and contractors) are vendors who may require breaks from time to time. Therefore, I agree to allow them from time to time take breaks as necessary.


In the unlikely event that SAVANNAH WARD falls gravely ill and/or is incapacitated prior to and/or on WEDDING DATE, I understand that all reasonable efforts will be made to find a suitable replacement photographer or videographer. All monies paid will be fully refunded to my nominated bank account within ten (10) business days. I understand that in the event that SAVANNAH WARD experience any inappropriate, threatening, hostile, or offensive behavior from any guest or person at the wedding (including but not limited to unwelcome sexual advances and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature) that SAVANNAH WARD may request the offending persons to be removed from the premises immediately or leave the event completely.

I have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.  As such, I agree to engage the professional photography services of SAVANNAH WARD on MY DATE.

  • Upon submitting, you will receive a confirmation email. Closer to your wedding date I will be in touch to discuss your timeline, a shot list (photos you are interested in, such as family photos), and the specifics.
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