BUT FIRST: Did you read all of the information here?

What is the fee associated with being a spokesmodel?

There is none! However as part of your spokesmodel agreement you are required to use Savannah Ward as your senior photographer, so there are fees associated with that session down the road.

How will I know if I’m selected?

You’ll get an email December 15! You then have 5 days to accept your position so we can get the ball rolling on planning sessions and more.

What are my responsibilities?

Your term officially begins January 1, 2019 and lasts until August 1, 2019. Your responsibilities are laid out here, but ultimately I’m looking for you to refer friends and family to my business. It works out: you get photos to keep and love forever, and my business and heart for photography grows!

What about parents?

Your parents are absolutely going to be involved in this process. I encourage you to tell your parents that you’re applying for the position.


December 1: Applications closed

December 15: Spokesmodels notified

February 10: Info session/meet and greet with spokesmodels and parent/guardian

April 14: Spokesmodel Shoot with complimentary professional hair and makeup!

June 9: Spokesmodel Shoot #2 (not required)

July 13: #SWSenior Give Back (community project TBD) (not required)

PARENTS AND SENIORS: By clicking submit, I understand that if I am chosen as a Savannah Ward Photography spokesmodel, I will be required to use Savannah Ward as my senior photographer and I agree to not use any other photographers for the use of senior photography for the duration of the spokesmodel program. I also understand that this application will be reviewed by Savannah and is not a guaranteed acceptance into the spokesmodel program.

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