we were in a wendy’s in asheville, nc on freshman move in day.

I remember my mom teary eyed over her chicken nuggets (#dramatic). We were going through the final checklist as we took a break to eat lunch. The slow, cinematic music playing in the background through the restaurant speaker wasn’t helping the fact that I was moving away from home that day. An hour later, my parents would hug me goodbye and shut my dorm room door behind them, leaving me alone, hundreds of miles from home with cardboard boxes stacked all around me. I distinctly remember walking to my window and glancing at the mountains that made up my view. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

This was it.

  Freshman move in day, 2014

Freshman move in day, 2014

The Friday night football games, the mornings spent at a Bojangles before first period, the hours spent standing and posing for prom pictures, the nervous laughs in the cafeteria when older boys walked by, the gossip between my best friends as we got ready to walk around the mall (anyone else do that?)…these things all made up my high school experience and led me to standing in that dorm room. I wouldn’t be who I am right now without walking my high school halls and taking along all that came with it (the good, the bad, the awkward), and neither would you. Before you find yourself teary eyed in a Wendy’s, and before you’re taking your first deep breath alone as a college student, I want to be there. That is where the SW Senior program comes in. Ultimately, the 2019 SW Seniors are the face of Savannah Ward Photography during their senior year of high school. Explore this page to learn about the #SWSenior experience & whether or not you’d be a great fit.


  • gives back to her community

  • loves big & gives grace

  • lives life in ALL CAPS

  • is intentional with her friendships in & outside of school

  • excited to be in front of the camera - let’s be honest, who doesn’t want more pics for their Instagram? :)


  • Welcome gifts & TONS of surprises

  • Complimentary portrait session with free professional hair & makeup done on site

  • At least 15 images to share on social media & with friends

  • The opportunity to earn cash back through referrals

  • The opportunity to participate in other styled shoots throughout the 2019 year

  • Invitation to a community service project exclusive to SW Seniors

  • A blog post featuring your session

  • Featured on social media & beyond for year round marketing

  • 20% discount off of your own senior session



As a brand representative, it’s your job to

  • use Savannah Ward as your sole senior photographer

  • post on social media about your experience

  • be available to attend info session with parent in January 2019

  • be available for the brand portrait session in April 2019

  • be available for senior session before Oct. 2019


I am selecting FIVE of those who apply to represent me & my brand as a SW Senior!

Applications close DECEMBER 1 & spokesmodels will be notified DECEMBER 15.

It takes 10 minutes to apply - what are you waiting for?